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   Welcome to   Zobi's Backyard


We are continuing to work on our latest addition, The Private Pergola. It will be ready, by spring, for you and your neighbors to enjoy. The East side of the pergola will have latticework with open shutters for a quick peak to see if any ones around your newly found secret space. The honeysuckle's fragrance will ride on the breeze as it weaves in and out of the shaded pergola. There will be plenty of seating for you and your friends as you tell stories of old spinning new and greater endings in this enchanted place. Roses, lilies, and more will add to the charm and delight to all who visit it's magical place.

Please take a look at our "Rules & Regulations", that help keep this community a wonderful place to live.

The Private Pergola

Hey! Scat cat this is for dogs only.

Sit and relax under the trees while Sherlock Bones and Bark Twain play in their designated pet areas. Both areas are completely enclosed so they can play without any worries or restrictions (leashes). But as all good parents must do, a clean-up of puppies

"Yard Snickers" is A MUST!

To ensure tenant's safety, we restrict the dog's weight to 25 lb. for one or 20 lb. ea. for two.  

​ Grand Villa's Pet Park!!!

Spring is welcome here at Grand Villa Community. Residents are making plans for their spring projects as is the community. Please come visit us ans see what all the fuss is about.

​ Picnic Area is ready forSPRING!

That's right, he might give you a knuckle sandwich.